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Learning About Monitoring Your Business Inventory

Hello, my name is Sally. I am excited to talk to you about closely monitoring the inventory for your business. Many companies hemorrhage money due to improper inventory counts. Without close monitoring of the business inventory, it is possible to buy too much of one product and not enough of another. I will explore all of the different ways inventory counts can start to meander away from the reality of the situation. I hope you can use the information on my site to gain better control of your inventory to increase your profits as time goes by. Come back again soon.


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3 Ways To Use Guerrilla Marketing In Your Ad Campaign

If your current ad campaign fails to attract new clients, use a better tactic like guerrilla marketing to achieve your goals. Guerrilla marketing gets your audience's attention with bold, unforgettable images and statements. It gives you a chance to think outside of the box and market your brand to clients of all genres. If you want to get the word out about your brand, ask your advertising agency about guerrilla-marketing ideas like these below.

1.  Mobile Advertising with City Buses

Mobile advertising isn't new but when you place striking ads on city buses, you reach a larger audience of consumers. City buses often travel around the county and city to drop off riders. As riders get on and off the buses, they get a chance to see what your brand offers, especially if you:

  • Place images of your brand inside buses, such as on their ceilings and floorboards
  • Put smaller images on bus fare boxes 
  • Place catch phrases on the backs of bus seats 

One thing to remember about mobile advertising is to choose something about your particular brand that visually excites your consumers. Your ad should make consumers want to go out and experience, purchase or use your brand right away.

For example, a popular and memorable mobile ad features a giant python coiled around a city bus. The image appears in 3-D and uses life-like colors to represent the snake and its natural habitat. The company behind this innovative idea uses the ad to entice potential visitors to its zoo and it works. Ads like this one appeal to the consumers' need to experience things they don't see every day. That's the impact guerrilla marketing could make in your ad campaign.

2.  Street Advertising

Street advertising takes guerrilla marketing to a completely new level. It motivates consumers to use or purchase products or services they might not try unless they really need to. Street advertising also takes consumers by surprise because they often appear out of nowhere.

For instance, if you specialize in weed killers, you could place a small, flat image of a dead weed over a sidewalk crack. On the side of the dead weed is an image of your product. As consumers walk by, they might attempt to walk over or around the images until they realize what they actually are.

People who stop to examine or admire the images tend to remember them, or maybe even discuss them with other people. When they finally need a weed killer, they remember your product before anything else. This is where guerrilla street marketing makes the strongest impact.

Other ideas for street advertising include using small electronic billboards to catch your consumers' eyes. Electronic billboards could appear in 3-D, or as a part of some unique scene, such as people rock-climbing or running marathons in new sneakers. Some great ideas seen in past street ads include:

  • Doorway entrances that feature exercise steppers for a local fitness center
  • Sofas with cellulite on one side and smooth skin on the other
  • Sidewalks that look like construction worksites

If you plan to place your street ads in different locations, your advertising agency may have a list of the best streets to reach the most consumers. You want to reach as many potential clients as possible.

3.  Mirror and Glass Advertising  

Mirror and glass advertisements work because they appeal to people entering revolving doors or glass door elevators. People see the images you place on these locations right away, especially if the images reflect on multiple glasses or mirrors. This type of guerrilla marketing works well for advertising things people may use to improve their appearance or health, such as sports drinks and taking karate classes. 

When you need to do more than place ads on the Internet, contact an advertising agency to plan, implement and market your brand. Well-developed guerrilla marketing strategies make the greatest impression on consumers and keep them.