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Learning About Monitoring Your Business Inventory

Hello, my name is Sally. I am excited to talk to you about closely monitoring the inventory for your business. Many companies hemorrhage money due to improper inventory counts. Without close monitoring of the business inventory, it is possible to buy too much of one product and not enough of another. I will explore all of the different ways inventory counts can start to meander away from the reality of the situation. I hope you can use the information on my site to gain better control of your inventory to increase your profits as time goes by. Come back again soon.


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Four Ways to Make Schools as Safe as They Can Be

When children are at school, they should be safe and secure at all times. There are many different ways that schools can keep children safe if anything bad happens throughout the school day. The following guide walks you through a few school security measures your child's school can implement to ensure that the children are as safe as they can possibly be.

Interior Door Jambs

When the children are in the classrooms, they are sitting ducks for anyone that wants to do harm to them because they cannot easily get out of the building. If an intruder comes into the school, they are interior door jambs that teachers can use to jam the door so that no one can open it. The jambs slide under the door and make it impossible for anyone to push the door open, regardless of how big they are.

Proper Preparation Is Important

It is important for schools to conduct drills so that children know what to do if an emergency takes place throughout the school day. Many schools train students to know what to do if they are in the classroom, but they do not take the time to consider what a child should do if they are in the restroom or in the hallway when chaos breaks out. Properly preparing children for any and all situations is essential if the kids are going to be as safe as possible at all times.

Cameras at the Entrances to the Buildings

There are many schools who have now installed cameras outside of the entrances to the schools to ensure they know who is coming into the building. If the person is not recognized or does not have a child in the building, the school can deny them access to the building by not unlocking the door for them to enter. This ensures intruders do not get easy access to the schools.

Armed Security Can Make a Difference

There are many times when having armed security at a school can greatly impact the chances of survival if an intruder comes into the school. The security guards will be able to take down the intruder in a timely manner so that their opportunity to injure someone is limited. Talk to companies like Security Services Northwest, Inc for more information about school security.

All children should be able to be safe when they go to school to be educated. All of these safety measures are easy to implement and could save a life one day.